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PuuhaPark is full of happy faces and the enjoyment of sport and active doing.


PUUHAPARK is located only 45min drive from Helsinki.

This park has the largest area of different kind of trampolines in Finland as well as the most large collection of different bouncy castles.

At the Sporttikatu (Walk of Sport) we have over 60 different sport activities like baseball, football, archery, basketball, darts, ping-pong, ice hockey...

There's a 214 metres long course for a great collection of pedal cars. 

Ninja-warriors can do their training at 3 different courses.

Hobby-horse area is finest in Finland with both cross-country obstacles and Show jumping.

Climbing can be done at the Seikkailuvuori (adventure mountain) area, at this area there's a lot to do for 

the more younger kids. A very big sandpit is located near the adventure mountain. 

For the daredevils there's a crater jump from the mountain.

Play-area includes street-basketball, football, floor ball, bubble football, zorb-balls...

On the rolling area there are scoots and many variations of rolling vehicles.

Parking-area is free and also Grill-area is free to be used by our customers.

You can bring your own packet lunch or use our restaurants. We have Puuha-Buffét during the high-season and Golf Club restaurant every day. At the Park-area there's a café/kiosk with drinks, ice creams, coffee etc.

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